Nixu Open was open source security for embedded systems. The platform is advanced and has been around for many years.   Nixu Open joined the Linux Foundation in July of 2011, andd was a bronze sponsor at Linux Conference Europe in 2011.

nixuopen.org is a news source that is dedicated to bringing security news information. If you are having trouble with keeping certain things protected on the internet than nixuopen.org has all the answers you are seeking. We at nixuopen.org spend time, using trial and error with our web team testing and developing security software. If you are looking to protect your business from security breaches and ensure that information will never be lost or stolen than read through nixuopen.org and all its latest news. nixuopen.org is a news site that discusses and posts in depth about security software on the functions of each. We go head on with major companies and debunk how safe they truly are. Use nixuopen.org to find which security software will work best for you and your needs. Not all software is built for every individual and every scenario and sometimes you just need the one that fits. Our technology website specialist can help you to decide.

Our team at nixuopen.org searches through information about your websites and computers to learn what circumstances may be causes for concern and then will help you to limit your options for security software providers. When decided you can make a purchase through our sales team. If you choose to pick a software security platform to use through our website than our specialist will help you to install the system properly on the system of choosing. nixuopen.org is a news site that is out to help you seek answers about your business and then environment that it operates in and under. Read and discuss with others what they liked and didn’t like about certain software systems and find out the latest in security software news with nixuopen.org. The only news site delivering the best and useful information since 2011 to benefit you and your security!